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Gas and electrical certificates, the LPG security certificate for gas is an essential document needed by commercial properties, landlord’s mobile catering units and homeowners. Without it, there’s no way to know the gas appliance or its associated connections are safe and reliable, gas and electrical certificates.

As a legal requirement it is required to ensure that the installation is operating in good condition and do not pose a risk to the safety of. An unreliable gas appliance can cause an explosion, greatly increasing the danger of fire and gas inhalation. Also, a valid certification is required to protect yourself from insurance claims. Without it, could probably not pay in the case of claims.

LPG Gas Safety Certificates:

All establishments should be issued a valid certification of gas safety from a gas safety engineer who is registered one of which is that are listed in the Gas Safe Register (formally known as CORGI registered). An engineer registered with the Gas Safe Register will perform an exhaustive inspection of the appliances, pipework, and ventilation to ensure the highest level of security. If they are satisfied, they’ll issue the necessary documents. If the engineer is confronted with an issue they’ll be in position to provide advice on the work necessary in order to bring the appliance back into an operating state.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate:

Landlords owe a duty of taking care of tenants and are legally required to ensure the quality of electrical and gas appliances.  It is suggested that the gas safety certificate be obtained every twelve months. National Landlords Association (NLA) offers further guidance regarding how to adhere to the legal requirements, gas and electrical certificates.

Commercial Gas Certificate:

The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 state that a gas certification is legally required for commercial properties like cafes, pubs, restaurants and offices as well as other public structures. As with the landlord-specific certificate it is a sign that it has been inspected by a certified gas safety engineer who has the authority to give a commercial certification.

Commercial Catering Certificate:

The gas safety certificates are needed for commercial kitchens and similar catering establishments. They differ from the domestic certificate in that a certified gas safety engineer who has been trained in the repair and diagnosis for commercial appliances with gas is needed to the sign-off. 

Commercial Boiler Service & Repair:

For commercial establishments regularly scheduled maintenance on boilers is vital to ensure the safety of clients and efficiency in the system of gas. It is suggested that every commercial establishment get an annual check-up conducted by a licensed Gas Safe engineer. This will prolong the life that the device will last, enhance security and allow business to continue in knowing that the gas system is thoroughly examined.

Mobile Catering Service & Repair:

Operators of mobile catering including burger vans, burger trucks and Fast food truck operators are required to have a valid gas safety certification which proves that the unit is safe and suitable for use. It is suggested all connections and appliances are inspected regularly as it is the best method to ensure safety and compliance. This can also help prolong the life of the equipment, which makes it cost-effective.

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