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gastroenterologist in dubai

We occasionally notice sounds coming from inside our stomachs. These noises actually signal that our stomachs and, more crucially, our intestines are engaged in the process of digesting. These sounds in your stomach can occasionally get louder, which is a sign of a disease known as “bubble guts” related to the beginning of too much gas and fluid in the stomach. Many times, a reaction to particular foods and liquids, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, laxatives, medicine, and a variety of other isolated stomach disorders might be to fault for bubble guts.

However, if your stomach irritation persists for an extended period of time and is accompanied by symptoms like vomiting, abdominal pain, acid reflux, esophageal pain, and other bowel complications, it is most definitely time to see a gastroenterologist who can properly diagnose your condition and provide you with a high level of care.

It’s crucial to see a gastroenterologist as soon as you notice any anomalies in your stomach and before they worsen and pose a risk to your general health. The sooner we can identify the root causes of digestive issues, the sooner we can make necessary lifestyle changes to lead healthier, pain-free lives. In order to solve your gastrointestinal problems, we have compiled a list of the top gastroenterologist in dubai based on our analysis of the search results.

Mediclinic City Hospital, DHCC’s Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy

The most sought-after physician in Dubai is Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy, a consultant pediatric gastroenterologist, with a search volume that is 15 times higher than that of gastroenterologists as a whole. He is one of the few pediatric gastroenterologists in Dubai who has experience working in a number of prestigious facilities, such as the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool and the Children’s Hospital of Oxford. Dr. Balaji has treated children with complex issues, ranging in age from newborns to 16 years old, including endoscopies and PEG placements.

Pediatric gastroenterologist, Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy practices at Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City.

Dr. Rachida Sabrane of the Bur Dubai-based Dr. Rachida Sabrane Clinic

Dr. Rachida Sabrane is a skilled gastroenterologist with more than 18 years of experience in the field, including 8 years in the United Arab Emirates. In a patient review, she was praised for “always taking as much time as necessary, never rushing, and always willing to listen.” She is the founder of her own clinic in Bur Dubai. The fact that Dr. Rachida is fluent in Arabic, French, and Spanish in addition to English earns her bonus points.

Dr. Mazin Rasool Aljabiri of the Dubai Mall Medical clinic

Dr. Mazin is a skilled consulting gastroenterologist who has performed more than 10,000 gastroscopies and 4,000 colonoscopies. He has also handled ERCP cases, inflammatory bowel diseases, and hepatology problems, including dealing with liver transplant patients. Intervention endoscopy, including colon cancer screening, is the primary area of focus for Dr. Mazin. Patients appear to dislike how quickly he moves through appointments, but they genuinely value his knowledge of his line of work, according to evaluations.

Consultant gastroenterologist Dr. Mazin Rasool Aljabiri works at Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City.

Dubai Hospital’s Dr. Ajmal Kader

With more than 20 years of experience as a doctor, Dr. Ajmal Kader has spent the last 10 of those years specializing in treating younger patients as a gastroenterologist. Dr. Kader pursued specialized training and membership in the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health after earning his medical degree from the Government Medical College of Calicut.

Ajmal Kader, M.D.

Pediatric gastroenterologist consultant Dr. Ajmal Kader Dubai Hospital

Dr. Saeed Al Shaikh of the Dubai Medcare Hospital

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Saeed Al Shaikh is a consultant gastroenterologist who received his training in Ireland. Dr. Saeed has clinical competence in bowel disorders and syndromes, hepatology problems, and endoscopic treatments. He belongs to the American Gastroenterology Association and is a member and fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland.

Gastroenterologist consultant Dr. Saeed Al Shaikh Medcare Hospital, Dubai

Dr. Amal Premchandra Upadhyay of Mankhool’s Aster Hospital

Consultant gastroenterologist Dr. Amal Upadhyay received her training in both the UK and India. He received his DM from LT Municipal Medical College, University of Bombay, and his MD from BJ Medical College, Gujarat University. Additionally, Dr. Amal belongs to the Indian Society of Gastroenterology and the Royal College of Physicians. He is particularly interested in the treatment of obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, and diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy.

Consultant gastroenterologist Dr. Amal Premchandra Upadhyay Aster Hospital, Al Mankool

Iranian Hospital in Dubai and Dr. Houman Houshangi

Consultant gastroenterologist Dr. Houman Houshangi has more than 9 years of expertise.  He received his training from the Tehran University of Medical Sciences and worked as a consultant gastroenterologist at Islamic Azad University. The management of GI bleeding, colonoscopy, and endoscopy are all areas of expertise for Dr. Houman.

Houman Houshangi, M.D.

Iranian Hospital for Gastroenterology and Dr. Houman Houshangi

Note: None of the medical professionals or facilities mentioned above have in any way endorsed this article. It is entirely based on consumer feedback gathered by the DrFive editorial staff and made available online to the general audience. DrFive is not the author of the reviews on which this article is based, hence the above-mentioned opinions are not the responsibility of DrFive. The aforementioned list should only be used as a guide for readers, not as a definitive assessment of the knowledge of medical professionals.

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