How does the International School in Bangalore Encourage Parents’ Involvement in School?

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The CBSE schools in Bangalore believe that parents’ involvement in schools positively affects the students’ performance, their behavior, and their school attendance. Maintaining open communication with parents goes a long way in the success of not just the students, but also the institution. And, that is why the international school in Bangalore encourages the parents to meet the teachers regularly. This helps both, the school and the parents to stay abreast of the progress and development of the students. It also helps discuss any issues the students or the teachers may have and find solutions that benefit both parties.

Here’s How This International School In Bangalore Communicates With The Parents:

  • Parent Portal:

The CBSE school in Bangalore has introduced a Parent Portal for smooth communication between parents and teachers. This portal helps the teachers convey any messages or announcements about important events and activities to be held at school. 

Parents use the portal to offer feedback or request any support or advice whenever needed. Teachers respond to the queries posted by the parents at their earliest to help resolve the issues. 

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  • Parent-Teacher Meetings:

The international schools in Bangalore conduct regular Parent-Teacher meetings to share with the parents the progress and development of the students. These meetings help teachers discuss the areas where the students might need help. Teachers also share information related to the syllabus or school activities and how well the students are responding or performing. 

  • One-on-one meetings:

One-on-one meetings between the teachers and the parents help the parents get a clear picture of how well their child is performing at school. It also helps them understand any issues their child may have at school or any behavioral issues the child might be facing at school. Parents, too, benefit from these meetings as they can ask for advice regarding their child’s academic performance and how they can help the child at home. 

Any added information, for example, if the child has any difficulty in understanding a particular subject, or even any health issues, which they might not share at home, can be discussed at these one-on-one meetings. Due to the privacy guaranteed by these meetings, parents find it easier to share their doubts or fears and get proper counsel from the teachers.

  • Weekly Class Updates:

Teachers at the CBSE schools in Bangalore share weekly updates with the parents about the portion that has been completed or any upcoming tests or events that the students need to prepare for. This, too, helps the parents stay on top of all that’s going on at their child’s school and help them prepare for the tests/events and improve their performance.


Parents can stay involved in the child’s education by communicating with the teachers, regularly, and learning about the child’s progress at school. Parents can also stay involved by helping the children with their studies or preparing for any activities, attending their functions, etc. This helps the children stay committed to their studies and put in their best efforts for a successful academic performance.

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