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8 Reliable Advantages of Bilingual Education

Bilingual education refers to teaching academic content in two languages. Many international schools in Singapore offer bilingual programmes, such as English-Chinese bilingual education. Studying in bilingual CBSE schools has numerous benefits for children.  Here are eight significant advantages: 1. Bilingual brains: Bilingualism enhances brain function. Children develop better critical thinking and focus skills by switching between languages. […]

How does the International School in Bangalore Encourage Parents’ Involvement in School?

The CBSE schools in Bangalore believe that parents’ involvement in schools positively affects the students’ performance, their behavior, and their school attendance. Maintaining open communication with parents goes a long way in the success of not just the students, but also the institution. And, that is why the international school in Bangalore encourages the parents […]

Schooling Strategy: Consistency vs Diversity – Choosing the Right Path for Your Child’s Education

Is it a good idea to send children to one school (from preschool to secondary)? or should they be sent to different schools depending on their school levels? It is a debatable topic among parents. In this article we will cover which one has an advantage over the other, so let’s understand in detail. Sending […]

Why is Multicultural Education So Important for Our Future?

Our future depends on multicultural education, particularly in a nation like India, with a diverse population and a rich cultural background. The top schools in Ahmedabad and CBSE international schools acknowledge the value of multicultural education and work to foster a welcoming learning atmosphere that values cultural variety and understanding.  First and foremost, people across […]

Why Soft Skills Are Crucial In An International School Environment

While students’ academic competence is necessary, soft skills give them a distinct advantage in the expanding field. A mix of personal qualities, social and communication skills, and other emotional intelligence abilities are essential for a successful lifestyle and workplace. The effectiveness of soft skills and creativity in boosting students’ personalities has been demonstrated in recent […]

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