Included in the Salt & Pepper Diamond Guide are inclusions.

Included in the Salt & Pepper Diamond Guide are inclusions.

A conventional engagement ring with a clear, colourless diamond within may spring to mind when you think about diamonds. However, did you know that diamonds may also be found in different hues? In actuality, they are all different tones of grey. Between entirely colourless and fully black, salt and pepper diamonds are a gorgeous, intriguing, and unusual gemstone. Let’s examine what a salt and pepper diamond is, how it is made, and the fascinating features and advantages it provides.

What Is a Diamond with Salt & Pepper?

Natural diamonds sometimes include black and white imperfections or inclusions, which together give the stone a greyish look. These diamonds are known as salt and pepper diamonds. A flaw found inside a diamond is called an inclusion; the word is most frequently used to describe diamond clarity (more on that later). While the majority of people typically choose colourless, high-clarity diamonds, the salt and pepper diamond is now making waves; the stunning beauty of these flecked, glittering diamonds is in vogue everywhere. 

What gives a diamond its look of salt and pepper?

Inclusions, also known as carbon spots or flecks, are little particles that occur as the diamond grows. Due to the natural occurrence of these and their frequent occurrence during the growing process, colourless, high-clarity diamonds are extremely uncommon.

The Salt and Pepper Diamond’s Four Cs

Clarity, cut, colour, and carat are the four characteristics that make up a diamond’s quality. The quality and look of salt and pepper diamonds are influenced by all four elements. Let’s examine each one separately:


The existence or absence of flaws (often referred to as blemishes or inclusions) that may impair the diamond’s transparency determines the clarity of the stone. However, the inclusions in salt and pepper diamonds are what truly give the stone its distinct and one-of-a-kind look. Although exceptional clarity (with few or no inclusions) is often prioritised when valuing diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are valued for their inclusions. Therefore, when evaluating diamond clarity, it’s crucial to bear in mind the desired outcome.

Nevertheless, a salt and pepper diamond’s clarity can still affect its worth and look. The diamond’s inclusions can alter how light travels through the stone and cause changes in the diamond’s colour and brilliance depending on their size and placement. While some people might favour salt and pepper diamonds with inclusions that are more equally dispersed, others might like diamonds with inclusions that provide an eye-catching pattern.


The way a raw diamond is fashioned and prepared for use in jewellery is referred to as the diamond’s cut. The cut of the diamond affects how light interacts with the stone; salt and pepper diamonds often dazzle brighter with flat-surfaced cuts since imperfections don’t refract light in the same way as flawless diamonds do. Popular forms for salt and pepper diamonds include the round, oval, pear, and emerald cuts.


There are countless variations in the hues of grey that salt and pepper diamonds may offer, despite the fact that they are normally white or grey in colour. Several instances include:

  • Cold white
  • Off-white
  • whipped white
  • Dark grey Light grey
  • a deep grey
  • Graphite grey

It’s possible that some salt and pepper diamonds have traces of other colours, including brown or yellow, which might enhance their brilliance.


A diamond’s weight is determined by its carat weight. Generally speaking, the larger and more valuable the diamond is, the greater the carat count. However, unlike with other varieties of diamonds, the effect of carat weight on the look of a salt and pepper diamond is not as obvious. Some individuals might like the appearance of a salt and pepper diamond that is smaller and has more inclusions than one that is bigger and has fewer inclusions.

Some individuals like smaller inclusions that provide a more subtle impression, while others prefer bigger inclusions that produce a bolder, more dramatic look because the size of the inclusions themselves may alter how a salt and pepper diamond appears.

A Salt and Pepper Diamond’s Advantages

Now that you are aware of the characteristics and formation process of salt and pepper diamonds, let’s look at some of the reasons why they make excellent jewellery:


A salt and pepper diamond might be a terrific option if you’re on a small budget. Salt and pepper diamonds are regularly discovered by companies, but they are less common for jewellery since ultra-clear and colourless gemstones are the more common option. Because they are so uncommon and hence often valued more, high-clarity diamonds are a more conventional choice. Of course, their scarcity on the market adds to their high demand, raising their prices. On the other hand, inclusion-filled high-clarity diamonds are less abundant in nature than salt and pepper diamonds. It’s simpler to locate lovely and priceless things at a lower price range since they’re less uncommon and in demand.


While colourless diamonds have always been the standard for engagement rings, more and more couples are choosing unusual designs. In fact, many modern couples choose other gemstones instead of diamonds, such as salt and pepper diamonds, which deviate from the conventional institutions and relationships that diamonds have come to represent.

A salt and pepper diamond is a fantastic choice for folks who want a unique jewellery sets. Not only is it distinct from most other diamonds, but every salt and pepper diamond has a completely unique appearance. Because inclusion patterns are wholly distinct, they will appear differently in every gemstone.


Only roughly 20% of the diamonds that are mined are utilised in jewellery because diamonds are sought after for certain traits such great clarity and colorlessness, and many included raw diamonds are thrown as a result. Using salt and pepper diamonds in jewellery helps reduce waste since gemstones are non-renewable resources and their disposal adds to trash.

Be sure to take good care of your very own salt and pepper diamond when you receive it. When not being worn, store it carefully and get it professionally cleaned every six months. If you want to use your salt and pepper diamond to make a unique piece of jewellery, get in touch with a customised jewellery concierge who can help you construct your ideal piece.

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