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Included in the Salt & Pepper Diamond Guide are inclusions.

A conventional engagement ring with a clear, colourless diamond within may spring to mind when you think about diamonds. However, did you know that diamonds may also be found in different hues? In actuality, they are all different tones of grey. Between entirely colourless and fully black, salt and pepper diamonds are a gorgeous, intriguing, […]

What Separates Regular Silver from Sterling Silver?

Between now and 2025, it is anticipated that the yearly growth rate for fine jewellery will be between 8 and 12%. However, the majority of individuals are unaware of the distinction between sterling and ordinary silver. We’ll explain the distinctions between sterling silver and ordinary silver in this article to help you shop with confidence […]

The Top Jewellery Care Advice You Should Remember

Purchasing jewellery is frequently regarded as a wise investment since many individuals associate the items with special memories. Because of this, it’s crucial to maintain your jewellery so that it looks excellent for years. We’ve disregarded the significance of caring for our jewels, which results in universal anguish from scuffing our cherished bracelets to losing […]

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