The Top Jewellery Care Advice You Should Remember

The Top Jewellery Care Advice You Should Remember

Purchasing jewellery is frequently regarded as a wise investment since many individuals associate the items with special memories. Because of this, it’s crucial to maintain your jewellery so that it looks excellent for years.

We’ve disregarded the significance of caring for our jewels, which results in universal anguish from scuffing our cherished bracelets to losing the lustre of our earrings.

The Complete Guide to Jewellery Care for 2023

Prevention Is Better Than Cure Broken or lost jewellery may be upsetting, whether it’s an old-fashioned earring backing or a pendant that has developed scratches over time. Here are some tips for caring your jewelery to avoid damage:

  • Here Are The Fundamentals
  • Be sure to take them off when you go to bed, take a shower, or work out.
  • Put lotion and perfume on first, then put on jewelery to avoid getting products on it.

protecting your jewels against toxins like those found in home cleansers

Watch out for your jewellery

Be on the lookout for warning signals that your jewellery needs some attention before it’s too late to stop additional harm.

  • Watch out for weak necklace chain links.
  • Verify the longevity of the earring backs.
  • Verify that hinged components are not moving excessively.
  • Ensure that the stone is well placed.
  • Verify the buckles on your necklaces and bracelets are functional.

Keeping Your Jewellery Safe

If you’re like most people, you probably have a tendency to toss jewellery into your jewellery box or onto your dresser after a long day at work. We’ve all done it, but there are more better methods to take care of jewels so that it stays organised and beautiful.

  • Sort Your Jewellery by Type – If your jewellery collection is disorganised, it will be much harder for you to find the ring or bracelet you require for dinner. Therefore, try these jewelry-care suggestions out:
  • Fashion and precious jewels should never be mixed together since they are two very separate things.
  • Additionally, because storing certain metals next to one another is likely to cause them to react.
  • Pendants in the third box, earrings in the third, rings in the second, etc. Jewellery trays may be used to divide drawers, which will simplify organisation.

Keep delicate jewellery in good condition. A piece of jewellery may be more delicate by design or more fragile due to the metal it is made of. To avoid scratching and tangling, it is advisable to preserve such exquisite items wrapped in fabric, soft velvet satchels, or a microfiber cloth (available at our store).

Purchase a premium jewellery box.

Take inventory of your jewellery collection and invest in a decent jewellery box. This will save your life if you mix designer, high-end, and everyday jewellery. Pick a bag with a fabric liner made especially for fragile, tiny things.

How to Prevent Jewellery from Tarnish

Jewellery composed of gold and silver in particular is susceptible to moisture and air, which over time will cause it to tarnish or turn black. Fortunately, tarnish is easy to remove, but wouldn’t you rather avoid dealing with it? Here’s how to avoid becoming involved in that hassle:

Jewellery should be kept dry while not in use. If you accidentally get caught in the rain or a shower while wearing jewellery, make careful to completely dry it. This is necessary for silver jewellery in particular.

Use a polish to get rid of dust and filth; then, before storing your jewellery, make sure it’s clean and glossy by wiping it down with a soft jewellery cloth to preserve it that way.

A lower humidity level is preferable because tarnishing is mostly caused by humidity and, of course, improper jewellery care. Consequently, you should keep your jewellery out of damp regions. Keeping jewelery next to silica gel packets is the simplest method to keep it dry.Keeping jewelery next to silica gel packets is the simplest method to keep it dry.

Silver and gold jewellery cleaning

Silver and gold are incredibly radiant and draw everyone’s attention. They are easily accessible and make wonderful gifts, but because most people don’t have the time to care for them, caring for them can easily be neglected. But don’t worry; we have some easy methods for preserving your priceless jewels in perfect condition.

Cleaning jewellery is quite quick and simple. You may clean your jewelry’s tarnish and filth using the following techniques:

Dish Soap Technique

This approach is one of the easiest to use. Dip your jewelery in the warm water for up to 10 minutes after adding little dish soap and stirring until bubbles appear. Next, use a soft toothbrush to clean any hard-to-reach nooks. Dry completely before polishing with a gentle microfiber cloth from our shop.

That’s how easy it is to care for your jewellery!

Ask a jeweller to examine it

You shouldn’t be hesitant to bring your jewellery to a jeweller for expert cleaning when dirt is all over it or when you can’t get to the settings without breaking them.

Don’t Do These Things While Cleaning Your Jewellery

It’s acceptable to utilise many of the online cleaning techniques for jewellery maintenance for short-term cleaning, but doing so can result in a variety of long-term harm. Stay away from


It is ubiquitious online. Using materials from your bathroom, clean your house! Keep your jewels away from such DIY projects, then. The metal in your jewellery will eventually deteriorate because to the abrasive nature of toothpaste.

Citrus juice

Lemon juice has a reputation for being a brightening substance. This tart citrus can undoubtedly brighten and lighten your hair, but not your jewellery. Lemon juice has a high acidity. This could be OK for more durable jewellery, but it’s not a smart idea for delicate or plated pieces.


Bleach shouldn’t be able to clean anything, right? Most likely, your home has this fantastic disinfectant. There are several issues that might arise while cleaning jewellery with these. Bleach has a lot of strength, especially when used undiluted. Bleach may corrode almost any metal, even gold.

You certainly own some of the most sentimental, magnificent (and maybe expensive) items, whether it be a diamond engagement ring or trendy jewellery online. But do you treat all of your assets with the utmost care? It is past time for you to.

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