Packing 100 Bottles: Everything You Need To Know

Are you planning on packaging and shipping 100 bottles? If you’re a business owner or even a regular person with a more extensive collection of wine or oils, the idea of packing 100 bottles seems daunting. However, with a little preparation and guidance, you can pack and ship 100 bottles like a pro. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about packing 100 bottles, from the materials you need to safety tips, and so much more.


When it comes to packing 100 bottles, the most crucial aspect is selecting the right materials. You’ll need corrugated boxes that are specifically designed for wine or spirit bottles. These custom boxes are made up of two layers of fluted paper, which provides a cushion against impact and protects the bottles. Additionally, you will need corrugated inserts that fit snugly in the box to keep the bottles from clinking together. Finally, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or air cushions are perfect for filling any available space in the box to reduce the chances of the bottles breaking.

Safety Tips

The safety of the bottles should be your top priority. Before you start packing, ensure that all the bottles are dry, clean, and free from any debris. Laying the bottles on their side reduces the chances of the cork drying out, leading to leaks. Once you start packing the bottles, handle them carefully, and avoid twisting or turning them excessively. Always use gloves to handle the bottles, reducing the risk of oils or dirt damaging the bottle labels or cork. Also, be mindful of the climate conditions, especially extreme weather changes, when shipping 100 bottles.

Packing Exceptional Bottles

Sometimes you may have a few bottles of exceptionally rare or valuable wines or spirits that need extra care when bath bomb mystery boxes uk. In this case, it is perfect to use wooden wine boxes, which add an extra layer of protection and elegance when shipping and gifting. The crates are made of high-quality wood that can withstand any impact, ensuring that your exceptional bottles will arrive at their destination safely.

Proper Labeling

Finally, after packing 100 bottles, ensure that you properly label each box. This includes a ‘fragile’ label, which should be placed visibly on the box. It’s also essential to include a label with the receiver’s name and address, your address and contact, the number of boxes, and a description of the contents. By properly labeling each box, you help the shipping company to handle and deliver your bottles safely.

Showcase Your E-liquids with Unique 100ml bottle boxes

When it comes to packaging, the e-liquid industry is just as competitive as any other market. And the modern-day packaging trend has brought 100ml bottle boxes as an opportunity for you to showcase your e-liquid products in an exquisite and visually compelling way. Not only does this benefit your brand, but it also serves as a protective packaging solution for your delicate e-liquid bottles. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of what makes 100ml bottle boxes a must-have for your e-liquid product.

A Cost-Effective Option

 Going for 100ml bottle boxes can be an affordable option when compared to purchasing separate labels and bottle carriers. With the packaging option, you can combine bottle protection and product advertisement in a single, cost-effective solution. This makes 100ml bottle boxes a great option for new e-liquid brands struggling with budgeting.

Customize to Your Brand

 With 100ml bottle boxes, you can customize your packaging to be branded with your company logo, slogan, and even your company colors. A customized packaging solution creates a professional and unique way to showcase your specific products and promotes a distinct message to your customers that the e-liquid brand represents.

Durability and Protection

 E-liquid bottles are breakable, and a damaged product can lead to a poor customer experience. Therefore, 100ml bottle boxes provide durability and protection to prevent product damage in transit. The kraft paper and corrugated cardboard material used to make the packaging ensures its resistance to external factors like moisture, dust, and accidental impacts.

Stand Out from Competitors

 The industry is flooded with e-liquid brands, and it’s essential to differentiate your brand and products from the competition. Unique custom packaging solutions like 100ml bottle boxes provide a visually appealing way to achieve that. The boxes are eye-catching and easily noticeable, which helps your product stand out on retail shelves to attract potential customers.

Promote Sustainability with Recyclable Material: Most e-liquid brands strive to use eco-friendly packaging solutions to promote sustainability. The packaging industry is aware of this, and 100ml bottle boxes are typically made out of recyclable material. This indicates your brand’s efforts to promote environmental conservation and establishes your brand as a conscious and caring one.


E-liquid brands can benefit from unique and visually appealing packaging solutions like 100ml bottle boxes. A customized solution that doubles as a protective packaging option is not only cost-effective but also helps differentiate your brand and product from the competition. Investing in these packaging options shows your brand’s commitment to promoting sustainability. By doing so, it ensures that your brand portrays values of environmentalism and quality care for their products. These are essential values for any successful business, so consider 100ml bottle boxes a packaging option moving forward.

In summary, custom  boxes does not have to be a daunting task if you have the right materials, follow safety procedures, pack exceptional bottles in wine crates, and label each box properly. While it may require a little more effort, the reward of keeping your wine or spirit collection safe is worth it. Cheers to safe and sound wine and spirits deliveries.

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