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Trice World News is an online news magazine covering every aspect of Black culture and community.

Tom Emmerson of ISC student newspaper was intrigued to discover a plaque honoring Jack Trice in one of their campus gyms, but not familiar with his story he conducted extensive interviews and obtained all relevant details about Trice.

About Us

Trice World News is a non-profit media organization that covers news and commentary from Africa, the Caribbean and beyond. Their team of writers and journalists provide insightful coverage from multiple angles to give an in-depth account of events across this region.

Hazel Trice Edney is an independent journalist, author, and activist who established Trice World News in 2010. Additionally, she serves as President and CEO of Trice Communications Company; editor-in-chief of Trice Edney News Wire; on-air contributor on programs including Tavis Smiley Show; CNN; C-Span; Bishop T.D Jakes Potter’s Touch Show; Al Sharpton Show with Roland Martin as well as Washington Watch with Roland Martin.

She is also a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, where she serves as an advisor to their board of directors. Furthermore, she has appeared on multiple television and radio shows as well as podcasts/talk shows such as New York Times’ The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and NPR podcast Code Switch.

Trice Medical has developed an innovative imaging technology that allows orthopedic surgeons to perform procedures from anywhere – be it an operating room, clinic or the office. Trice’s Mi-Eye platform combines disposable angled cameras (mi-eye) and high-quality 15mhz ultrasound transducers into one handheld device, giving orthopedic surgeons maximum mobility when performing procedures anywhere.

About Hazel Trice Edney

Hazel Trice Edney, founder and editor-in-chief of Trice World News Wire, is an award-winning veteran journalist who has appeared on such programs as The Tavis Smiley Show; CNN; C-Span; Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Potter’s Touch; Al Sharpton Show with Roland Martin as well as Washington Watch with Roland Martin. Previously she served as senior producer on NBC News Overnight while also producing local television news programs in Atlanta, Baltimore and Miami.

At NNPA, she established and produced the first live three-hour newscast and led coverage for major breaking stories like 9/11 terrorist attacks; World Conference against Racism held in Durban South Africa; Hurricane Katrina; Olympic Games of 1996 held in Atlanta as well as various presidential elections and campaigns.

Experience running art galleries and curating exhibitions in New York City, Berlin and Aspen gave Trice an eye for creating immersive experiences in space, which made XtalPi’s EDP program an easy fit. She quickly rose to the challenge of applying advanced technology to art as a platform for social change – one recent project involved sensor-equipped punching bags projection-mapped with images of ecological catastrophes and Donald Trump speeches – hitting which caused cartoon-style impact stars to explode on screen!

About Trice Medical

Trice Medical is an industry-leader in orthopedic imaging solutions for clinical use. Their signature product, the mi-eye 2(r) system, provides illumination and visualization of interior body cavities through natural or surgical openings. Connected to a high definition tablet for visualization purposes, this handheld scope is intended for use by doctors in operating rooms, procedure rooms or office settings.

Tricefy is a secure, scalable cloud-based software platform designed to integrate seamlessly with the mi-eye system to store, retrieve and share diagnostic images and videos securely between physicians and hospitals. This automated solution eliminates error-prone manual transfers while helping lower overall care costs.

Trice Orthopedics’ products are used in orthopedic procedures for patients suffering from conditions like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Trice recently acquired Seg-WAY Orthopedics to allow surgeons to treat chronic wrist pain using both their existing mi-eye system and Seg-WAY’s endoscopic carpal tunnel release device.

Trice expressed gratitude for all the attention her story has gotten and especially Iowa State University, which she described as being like family to her and revived it to inspire changemakers everywhere. Trice thanked both her friends and family members for supporting her journey.

About XtalPi

XtalPi Pharmaceutical Technology was established by three Chinese quantum physicists from MIT in 2014 and utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and robotic automation technologies to significantly increase drug discovery speed, scale, novelty and success rate. Their platform integrates mutually-informative AI algorithms and large-scale robotic “wet lab” technologies – with proven success rates already dramatically accelerating R&D processes.

The company’s predictive platform uses advanced AI to design drug molecules, then integrates real-world lab testing data to build digital twin models of them for biopharma researchers to understand how effective each will be prior to initiating clinical trials. Furthermore, data allows biopharma researchers to anticipate possible side effects before they appear and thus reduce potential dangerous outcomes.

XtalPi’s technology was not only used to speed up drug discovery but also created Paxlovid – the first oral treatment for Covid-19 that received US Food and Drug Administration approval within six weeks!

As part of its efforts to minimize costs and enable affordable medicines, XtalPi runs its drug discovery platform on Google Cloud’s Spot Virtual Machines (VMs), taking advantage of their outstanding performance and unified data security standards to reduce its computing costs by 10% with this approach.

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