Understanding The Differences In Engine Design And Performance Between Petrol And Diesel Cars


Petrol vs diesel cars is a topic of constant debate. Some argue that petrol cars are smooth and great for an enjoyable driving experience. Whereas diesel car owners never get tired of talking about the fuel efficiency and torque of their cars. 

With better mileage comes more expensive maintenance; on the other hand, petrol cars have lower fuel efficiency. So which one should you buy? Before you apply for a Used Car Loan, read this post and determine the answer based on the engine design and performance. 

What is the difference between the engine design of petrol cars and diesel cars? 

Engine design is the fundamental aspect of comparing a petrol and diesel car. Let’s find out the basic difference: 

Petrol engines: These operate on the principle of spark ignition, where a spark plug ignites a mixture of air and fuel within the combustion chamber. Then a controlled explosion is created that generates power and drives the vehicle.

Diesel engines:  These operate on compression ignition. The air within the combustion chamber is compressed so that the diesel fuel ignites and generates high levels of torque to drive the vehicle.

What is the difference between the performance of petrol cars and diesel cars?

Here are some performance factors to compare the efficiency of petrol and diesel cars:

  1. Acceleration: Petrol cars offer quicker acceleration because these engines deliver power more rapidly. These are great for overtaking onto highways. On the other hand, diesel engines have low-end torque, which gives them strong pulling power but slower acceleration compared to petrol cars.
  2. Speed: Petrol engines have higher top speeds and deliver more horsepower means they are better than diesel engines for speed-oriented driving experiences.
  3. Torque: Diesel engines perform robustly even at lower engine speeds. This means if you require a higher pulling capacity, you might not want the lack of robustness of petrol cars.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: Diesel engines have better mileage and offer longer driving ranges on a full tank of fuel. Petrol cars are less fuel-efficient; however, with the introduction of efficient petrol engines, the difference doesn’t have a greater impact on buying decisions. 
  5. Driving Conditions: Petrol cars are often considered suitable for urban driving and shorter trips. At the same time, diesel cars have superior low-end torque and fuel efficiency, which is best for long-distance driving on the highways.

The ultimate decision can be based on your driving needs and preferences. If you prioritise fuel efficiency, go with a diesel engine. If you need power delivery and a smoother ride, search for a petrol car and apply for a Used Car Loan for instant funds.

What is the cost difference between petrol and diesel cars?

The difference between the initial purchase price can be anywhere around Rs 1-2 lakh. However, you have to look at the bigger picture and compare the cost based on the fuel prices, fuel efficiency, servicing expenses and registration cost. Diesel is relatively cheaper, but diesel variants are more expensive than petrol models in most cars. Overall, if you compare the fuel costs, maintenance and registration, diesel cars tend to be more expensive. If your budget doesn’t allow it, you can consider buying a used car. 

How to get a Used Car Loan?

Individuals above the age of 21 years can apply for a Used Car Loan. All you need is a valid identity proof, address proof and income proof for KYC. Compare different options based on the interest rates offered and make use of online services to apply for the loan. Digital application for car loans is convenient, and based on your income, you can get your loan approved within 15 minutes.


The comparison between petrol cars and diesel cars should be made based on your driving needs, preferences, and priorities. Understand the differences shared in this post and make an informed decision.

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