You should also select the right size of a box

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You should also select the right size of a box. The compression strength is determined by the amount of pressure applied to the box and the length of the box. The amount of pressure can be determined by using a compression test. The length is determined by the thickness of the box.

The testing can be done manually or by computerized equipment. A compression tester is a special machine used to measure the compression strength Box Compression Tester of corrugated board. The compression tester was invented in the 1940s and it uses a spring to exert pressure on the board. With the advancement of technology, this process has been automated.

A box compression test can determine whether a box has been made properly or not. If you purchase a box from a supplier, you should check the compressive strength of the box.

A box with weak compression strength cannot support its own weight, and is therefore not safe for transporting items. When you are selecting a box, make sure that you know the exact strength of the box.

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