5 perfect gifts for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is less than two months away and if you are planning to gift her something extravagant this time, it’s high time to start shopping. Especially for pieces of jewellery, it is wise to shop around, check the prices and designs, tally them and take an informed decision. But what would be the most suitable gift for your mom? Jewellery and trinkets are loved by every woman. Especially if it is a diamond or any such precious gems and jewels, it would be a gift of a lifetime for her. Here we have shared five such jewellery items which are tasteful and perfect as gifts for your mother.


They are cost-effective, offer variety and are suitable as a gift for any age and in any relation. Moreover, a woman can never have too many sets of earrings and hence it is something you can keep adding to her collection every year. From simple studs to elegant danglers- the choice is unlimited. The key is to keep her taste and personality in mind as you choose the jewellery. It would be wise to observe her usual choice of jewellery daily to get an idea about her pattern.


Rings are the perfect all-purpose jewellery. It is as suitable for your wife as it is for your mother. Many jewellers have classic and simple round diamond engagement rings which are perfect as gifts for Mother’s Day too. You need to look through their collection to find something that looks elegant and simple enough for the purpose. Other than that, you can also go for bespoke band rings with special quotes inscribed on them for your mom.


Another affordable but beautiful option is the pendant. You can get something in simple metal or go for more extravagant options in diamonds too. Another great choice would be a box pendant that can hold pictures. Put a small picture of her favourite person so she can remember them whenever she wants. Another great choice would be convertible pendants where you can break down the design into 2-3 separate pieces or where it is whole.


Brooches can never go out of fashion for anyone. These tiny accessories are not just fashionable but also useful. Clasp your shawl in place elegantly when you have the perfect pin for it. You can get bespoke brooches made of precious stones and metal from any jeweller. Some stores even have readymade options. A brooch is a perfect gift if your mom loves to wear shawls and scarves.


Watches are fashionable and functional. Nothing is more elegant than watches with pearl bands. This is often the most sophisticated jewellery you can get for a mature woman. Moreover, if your mother is old-school, and prefers checking the time on her watch over her phone, it will be a useful gift too. Top jewellers have a variety of options for such jewel-encrusted or pearl bands. You can even get the regular bands for her watch replaced by them.
Hatton garden jewellers have a variety of designs and jewels to suit every age and gender. It is the perfect place to shop for your mother if you are in London. The above-mentioned are just a few options you can go for but there are plenty more you will find here.

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