Secrets of the Apartment Building In Toca Life World 

Toca Life World is the creator of the interesting and enjoyable educational game known as Toca Life World, which was released by the company. The game is a virtual dollhouse and is intended for younger players; nevertheless, older gamers are still able to find it entertaining. Because this is a digital dollhouse, you will have practically complete creative control over what you do in this space. Because characters can not move or communicate on their own, it will be up to you to relocate them, position them in different settings, and make up a tale for them to follow.

You may also transfer certain things or put them in the hands of a character so that they can carry them. It’s a game in which your imagination will be the only thing holding you back. But being creative isn’t the only thing you can do in Toca Life World—you can also do other things, like play with digital dollhouses.

In addition to this, there are a lot of interesting and thrilling mysteries for you to find throughout the game. In any case, there’s more! This page will reveal some additional mysteries that are hidden around Toca Life World for players to discover.

Secrets of the Apartment Building

There are a great many mysteries to be solved at the Apartment Building that is situated on OK Street. Let’s search those floors one by one for the mysteries.


There is a crumpet that has been concealed somewhere within the Apartment Building, which is one of its many mysteries. Find the lift in the building’s first level, which is the ground floor. You may control the lift by moving a panel made of metal that is located above it. When you take it out, you’ll discover a button there that you may push, and doing so will cause the rear of the lift to transform into a dance floor complete with a disco ball. The robot crumpet that hangs over the dance floor is designed to look like one of the robots from Rob-o Café.

Toca Life World Robot Crumpet

Moving to the left side of the screen, you will find the lavatory right next to the lift. You will need to go to the tank of the toilet bowl and open it in order to find the hidden diamond concealed inside of it. As you continue to the left, you will reach a bedroom with a double-decker bed. An open cupboard is located next to the bed, and objects can be stored there. Take away the things that are on the second shelf of the cabinet so that you can see the door that is there. When you open it, you will find a piece of folded paper with an equation written on it along with an apple that resembles Jack Skellington.

Another bedroom, this one occupied by a young lady with auburn hair, may be found all the way to the left. There is a crystal ball with a deep purple colour sitting on the shelf in the shape of a triangle. Put the crystal ball in the left hand of the girl (which is your right hand). After that, you are free to go to the second floor.


You’ll find an additional metal panel in the elevator on the second level of the apartment. This panel will feature a button for you to press. When you carry out the aforementioned step, another concealed area will become visible at the rear of the lift. However, this time the space is more like a little flat and it has three levels.

Another robot crumpet that is comparable to the ones seen at Rob-o Café may be found on the first level, concealed within the bathtub. The little home has three floors, and the third story contains a refrigerator that has a chocolate bar stored inside of it. This can be given to the robot to use as a crumpet.


An apartment can be found to the right of the floor. Inside, there is a shelf on the side of the room, a tiny kitchen, a raised bed with a study or gaming space underneath it, and an elevated bed itself. A miniature poster of the planet Earth may be found in the area designated for gaming and studying. This poster can be folded up to show a gem that is pink and has a face on it. It’s quite cute. You need to keep going to the floor’s extreme left until you reach another bedroom. In that chamber, you should put the girl with the orange hair who is clutching a crystal ball.

There are three paintings hung on the wall just over the television. If you take the picture off of the wall that is furthest to the right, you will find a hidden shelf that has a Ouija board on it. Put the Ouija board down on the carpet, and then position the purple crystal ball so that it is pointing to the left of the board. This will cause the ghost sloth crumpet to materialise.

Secrets of Rob-O Café: Glowing Heart

There is an electric panel perched atop each of the lounge chairs that can be found to the left of the Rob-O Café. You’ll need to open that panel in order to see the glowing heart. The moment you take possession of the heart, the room will become much darker because it is the power source for the café. The heart will continue to glow, and you can even position it on the character’s hands if you want to. Simply replacing the heart in its original location will cause the lights to come on.

Toca Life World Fresh Salath

There is another panel that features circles on it located to the right of the café. Simply clicking on that panel will open it up. Simply remove any stacks of plates that are there in order to access the four buttons. You need to keep clicking all of the buttons until they all display a triangle. This will cause another panel to open up and expose a key. If you press that key, you will be able to enter the Rob-O Café’s hidden club.

Activity House Secrets

The Activity House on snow rider 3d is a place where the characters may hang out and participate in a variety of activities, as suggested by the name of the location. Skating, playing instruments, taking photographs, ordering salads, and other activities are all available to you and your pals in Toca Life. Most importantly, the location is shrouded in mystery, as will be revealed in the following paragraphs.

  • Golden Skateboard and Skateboard Trophy: 
  • Trophy, you must first navigate to the skateboard section of the activity house and then proceed to the ramp that is the furthest to the left. The ramp’s side panel, which depicts a smiling skull on its surface, has a door that may be opened. It will disclose a total of two skateboards, one of which will be a gold skateboard. In addition, the golden skateboard trophy may be found within the panel.
  • Hoverboard: Navigate to the region known as Fresh Salath. The Fresh Salath seller should then be placed on the seat of the nearby portable toilet after it has been opened. It will slide up, exposing a hidden storage room that is located beneath. There is a hoverboard in the storage area. It is black. Activating the hoverboard will need placing the salah vendor on top of it.
  • While you are on the first floor, continue to the left until you come to another vent. The purple gem is located here. Once you open it, the gem will be shown to be a deep purple colour.


The fact that practically every structure and area in Toca Life World will include a large number of hidden items is one of the game’s many appealing features. The secrets that have been described up to this point are only few of the many that are hidden throughout the game. You may be quite assured that there are still a great many more for you to find!

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